➤ "The collaboration gave the band great visibility, much more than we had anticipated. Markus works with passion and commitment and can be compared to a band member for how he is always careful to get the most out of it - we even wrote him his own song!"
(Jonathan • CELTIC HILLS)

This has never happened before:
with the song homage "Metal Message" the Italians CELTIC HILLS pay tribute to the tireless, fervent and efficient work of their promoter Markus Eck with his PR agency METAL MESSAGE ᴳᴸᴼᴮᴬᴸ.

Jonathan 'Thunderbuilt' Vanderbilt felt multiply inspired during the songwriting for the 3rd album "Huldufólk" by the close, communicative exchange and the many private experience reports of the longtime German Heavy Metal enthusiast.

After all, in addition to gigantic musical passion and fully consolidated attitude, both sides also share a spiritual, intimate connection to Mother Nature - which comes to the fore in the video by the word crossing "Hearth" - 'Heart' & 'Earth'. Therefore Markus can also be seen on his hikes & rambles in the video.

In the core of the song lyrics, the work and creativity of Markus is sung about, who - to a certain extent as a Metal time traveler like the world-famous "Dr. Who" - has already been on the road in the wide music universe since the early 1980s.

Markus says:
"I don't know if this huge honor has ever been bestowed upon any other promoter. I am deeply touched and happy about such a unique appreciation and very much looking forward to further, both sides so all-round happy cooperation with CELTIC HILLS. My very best wishes to Jonathan and the band - METAL is the MESSAGE!"

… and the message is loud!